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What's planned?
What's planned?

⚠️This is a read-only topic used by Method Grid to communicate our development roadmap i.e. all the new features our teams are currently working on. 

🚫 Please do not post questions here. To post feedback or feature requests use Feedback and suggestions. Thank you!

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First design ideas for assigning multiple people to tasks, elements etc, including the ability to apply RACI categorisation ... discuss!

RACI32 is currently defined (subject to final consultations and design) in our product development roadmap as follows:

Ability to add additional team members to a specific task (with RACI assignment additionally possible). Add @team tag to task commenting to notify... (More)

Our Microsoft Teams tab app is in the final verification process with Microsoft. Once the verification process is complete you will be able to install the Method Grid app via the Team app store. Method Grid will then work inside... (More)

What's planned?
A reminder of the vision ... (More)